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Guidance on Your Pursuit of Financial Freedom

Asset Management, Financial Planning, Small Business Consulting

Helping Family-Oriented Professionals and the Self-Employed Realize Their Financial Goals

Located in Parker County, TX

You've Worked Hard for Your Money

Let Us Help Your Money Work Hard for You

Personal Services

For Family-Oriented Professionals that have saved their hard-earned money

We offer Asset Management and Financial Planning services to manage your asset portfolio, take on the role of CFO for your household or provide you with the necessary tools to help manage your finances.


Business Services

For the Self-Employed and Small Business Owners

We remove the burden of Retirement Planning for those that are Self-Employed (or those with 1099 income), by establishing and managing your Retirement Plan, leading to increased savings and lower taxes.



Everyone Has a Different Path.

Let Us Be Your Guide.

As part of our Service Offerings, we provide Asset Management and Financial Planning, as well as Small Business Consulting.

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Asset Management

We provide Asset Management to those looking for a “hands-off” approach to building personal wealth for retirement, with complete management of your asset portfolio.


Financial Planning

If you have balanced saving and spending but want to assess the possibility of achieving your financial goals, reaching retirement, or something more specific, we can design a plan to fit your needs.


Small Business Consulting

If you are looking to establish an individual Retirement Plan or outsource your Small Business Savings Plan, we offer access to new Retirement Plans like a 401K or SEP.


Few Decisions in Life Should Be Made Without Financial Consideration.

As life evolves, so do your financial needs. We can help manage your finances as your family changes, through your career moves, or as your Small Business grows.

Are You Ready For That Next Decision?

Founder & CEO of MHB Advisory Services

My path to Financial Planning and Advisory was driven by a passion for investing and real estate and refined by experience in multiple industries, including Engineering, Oil & Gas, Real Estate and Financial Services. Being Self-Employed, I have direct knowledge of Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners. My process is based on my belief in optimizing savings rate and expenses, while utilizing an investing strategy that incorporates portfolio diversification for the long-term. 

Matt Beeby Photo Matt Beeby Hover Photo

Matt Beeby

Founder, CEO

I grew up in small-town Oklahoma, in a community surrounded by wheat fields where everyone supported the local sports teams and went to church. Both my parents were teachers and the first generation in their families to go to college. So besides our faith, education was very important.

Interestingly, I feel some of the major events in U.S. History shaped our family values. As children of the Great Depression, my grandparents learned the importance of thriftiness and saving. Both grandfathers then later served in World War II, further instilling in them a sense of duty and service, traits they passed on to the next generation.

Both sides of my family came from meager beginnings and the importance placed on faith, education, saving and hard work was far more valuable than any tangible assets they could give to us. Part of the reason I became a Financial Advisor is to serve and educate others about their finances, but also because I believed there was a better option to the Advisor that is trying to sell different products and charge high fees. I don't benefit from products I sell or make commissions on trades I make for clients. But rather, I have a Fiduciary duty, putting the interest of others above my own. Not every Advisor or Broker does that.

As for my family now, it all started in New Orleans, where I met my wife at church as recent college grads. Hurricane Katrina pushed us to Memphis, TN, where I started working in Financial Services. Ultimately we moved to Texas where all three of our children were born, and we finally settled just west of Fort Worth in Aledo, another small community. We enjoy sports, swimming, hiking, biking and try to travel as much as possible. We've started the process of conveying our family values to our kids.

My hope is to be a trusted ally to those who share my values, to help my clients in growing their wealth and achieving their financial goals.

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Personal Services Fee Structure

Financial Planning: We advise on a broad menu of personal finance matters, all of which are collectively included within personal Financial Planning. This service includes delivery of a financial plan specific to your goals, as well as a six-month review. We charge a one-time fee ranging from $2,000-$3,000 for personal Financial Planning, and this service can be renewed annually. Click here for more information on Financial Planning.

Asset Management: For Asset Management the most we charge for assets held at Altruist is an annual fee of 0.75% of the assets we manage for you (deducted on a quarterly basis), with a decreasing fee tier as your assets grow. For assets held away from Altruist (401k, etc.), we charge an annual fee of 1.0% of those assets (also deducted quarterly). Furthermore, our Asset Management service includes our Financial Planning service and assistance with your 529 accounts at no additional cost. While we do have a $150,000 account minimum for Asset Management, we would love to discuss how we can help you start your path to asset growth regardless of your portfolio size. Click here for more information on Asset Management.

We believe our fees are competitive and encourage potential clients to compare advisors on overall fee structure, including the cost of holding the underlying assets advisors recommend for your portfolio. 

Asset Management Fee Structure
Total Assets Under Management
Annual Fee (Altruist Accounts)
$0 - $1,000,000
Next $1,500,000
Next $2,500,000
Assets above $5,000,000

Business Services Fee Structure

Self-Employed (and those with 1099 income): To establish Solo-401k or employer Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans, MHB charges a fee of $950, which can be waived if initial account assets managed by MHB equal at least $150,000 at which point standard Asset Management fees will apply (see our Personal Services Fees) and clients will receive complimentary Financial Planning Services. For assets of less than $150,000, an annual fee of $950 will remain in place for managed accounts. For accounts not managed by MHB, the $950 fee will be one-time, and clients will be eligible for discounted Financial Planning Services (a $500 savings). Click here for more information on Business Services.

Small Businesses: Our fees associated with Business Consulting may be dependent on the number of participating, eligible employees, as well as the amount of assets under management. We strive to keep our costs low, and we believe we offer compelling prices for either a startup retirement plan or the transfer of an existing plan.  See the table below for more specific information, and please note these fees do not include any third-party fees. All fees are paid in arrears on a quarterly basis.

Business Services Fee Structure
Total Actively Managed Assets*
# of Participating Employees
Annual Fee (paid quarterly)
$0 - $500,000
Less than 5
$2,000 ($500/quarter)
5 or more
$3,000 ($750/quarter)
$500,001 - $2,000,000
0.75% of AUM
Next $3,000,000
0.60% of AUM
Next $5,000,000
0.50% of AUM
Assets above $10,000,000
0.40% of AUM

*Total Actively Managed Assets include pooled Plan assets, any Actively Managed Assets of Plan Sponsor company owners, as well as any Actively Managed Assets of eligible, participating employees that meet MHB’s $150,000 personal Asset Management limit. If the Plan holds assets that are not Actively Managed or pooled, such assets will be subject to a Plan Consulting fee of 0.25% of assets, paid by the Plan Sponsor for services provided by MHB. All Plans remain subject to the above annual compensation minimums ($2,000 for less than 5 participating employees and $3,000 for 5 or more participating employees). 

More Info on Business Services

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