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A Financial Advisor for the Self-Employed

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Want to increase retirement savings? AND reduce taxes?

Significant Savings

In 2024, those who are Self-Employed (or anyone with 1099 income) can save as much as $69,000 before taxes vs $23,000 in an employer's 401K plan.

Tax Talk

Any pre-tax saving reduces your taxable income by the same amount - as much as $69,000. Your taxes are lower by the amount you save multiplied by your tax rate.

Get Going

We can help establish your account and manage its assets according to the plans and goals you establish considering your overall household portfolio.

By using a Solo 401K or SEP, the Self-Employed and Individuals with 1099 income are uniquely positioned to save almost three times as much as the average W-2 employee.

  • What is a Solo 401K? Like a traditional employer 401K, a Solo 401K allows you to make personal contributions up to $23,000, but you control the company contributions as well, up to a total of $69,000 combined, based on your income level.
  • What is a SEP? A Simplified Employee Pension allows the company you control to contribute 25% of your compensation to your SEP IRA, up to $69,000.


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