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Single-Employee Business Owners & Independent Contractors

We can create your Solo-401K Retirement Plan (plus your spouse's) or a SEP plan and manage assets for the accounts of your household. We can transfer existing plans into your new Solo-401K or SEP as well. Services include Plan setup or transfer and ongoing Plan Consulting services as outlined below (as needed). The one-time setup fee of $950 can be waived if personal Asset Management fees apply.*

Small Business Owners with Multiple Employees

Our Business Services primarily relate to the establishment and/or operation of your company's Retirement Plan. We work with the necessary third parties to start new Plans (401k, Simple IRA, etc.) or reorganize existing Plans under a more favorable cost structure. Our services include both the initial setup or transfer of the Plan as well as ongoing Plan Consulting services.


How do we assist you with your Retirement Plan?

Initial Plan setup or transfer services:

  • Outline the Plan's investment objectives through the establishment of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Work with third-party administrators to develop the appropriate Plan specific for the goals of the IPS
  • Review and select the investment options within the Plan (on an as needed basis)
  • Open all necessary Custodial accounts

Ongoing Plan Consulting services:

  • Annual review of the IPS
  • Advising owners and staff regarding Plan details through meetings as necessary
  • Determining owner contribution to Plan by working with third-party administrator
  • Consulting on investment option performance and fulfilling all necessary reporting obligations
  • Providing educational services regarding investment options and allocation (on an as needed basis)
  • Offering employee access to personal financial planning software and discounted financial planning
  • Add new employee Custodial accounts as needed
  • Continually update and enhance plan features as AUM and employee growth occurs

We want to see plan assets grow given our mission of helping clients save money for investment and ultimately retirement, and we believe our fees are structured accordingly. For new Plans pricing may be contingent on the number of participating, eligible employees and the amount of assets within the plan. We can offer additional Business Consulting services under a negotiable fee structure.

Business Services Fee Structure (Multi-Employee)
Total Actively Managed Assets**
# of Participating Employees
Annual Fee (paid quarterly)
$0 - $500,000
Less than 5
$2,000 ($500/quarter)
5 or more
$3,000 ($750/quarter)
$500,001 - $2,000,000
0.75% of AUM
Next $3,000,000
0.60% of AUM
Next $5,000,000
0.50% of AUM
Assets above $10,000,000
0.40% of AUM

*To establish Solo-401k or employer Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans, MHB charges a fee of $950, which can be waived if initial account assets managed by MHB equal at least $150,000 at which point standard Asset Management fees will apply (see our Personal Services Fees) and clients will receive complimentary Financial Planning Services. For assets of less than $150,000, an annual fee of $950 will remain in place for managed accounts. For accounts not managed by MHB, the $950 fee will be one-time, and clients will be eligible for discounted Financial Planning Services (a $500 savings).


**Total Actively Managed Assets include pooled Plan assets, any Actively Managed Assets of Plan Sponsor company owners, as well as any Actively Managed Assets of eligible, participating employees that meet MHB’s $150,000 personal Asset Management limit. Plan assets not Actively Managed by MHB remain subject to a Plan Consulting fee of 0.25% of assets. Minimum fees as noted above remain in place for all Plans.

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