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Not Your Traditional Financial Advisor

Focused on Saving

We believe in efficient markets and portfolio diversification, favoring low-cost investments to build a traditional asset portfolio. We want to help you save money for investment, to build your net worth and achieve your financial goals.

Alternative Assets

Given our experience in real estate and oil and gas, we understand how strategic use of alternative assets in a portfolio can aid long-term wealth creation, provide income and tax advantages or create early retirement options for some individuals, depending on goals and risk tolerance.

Fiduciary Duty

We have a fiduciary responsibility, so our recommendations are in your best interests, not ours; we are fee-only (no commissions) and do not sell or benefit from the sale of other companies' investment products.

Quite simply MHB Advisory is here to provide a broad range of Personal Financial Services to Gen X and Gen Y families, including Asset Management, Financial Planning and Consulting. We further specialize in helping Independent Contractors and the Self-Employed manage all aspects of their Retirement Planning.


Looking for More Details?

Our Process

If you feel our services are a fit, we can move forward virtually via Zoom meetings and Docusign agreements. We will gather necessary documentation to develop your Financial Plan or open accounts for Asset Management. 

Get Started

Free Tools

We use Right Capital for our Financial Planning and offer free, no obligation access. You can form a budget and track expenses, establish goals, calculate your net worth, or get started on analysis of your investments or your Financial Plan.

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Next Steps

Contact us in a variety of ways by setting up a call or filling out the email form below. We can discuss your needs and goals to determine which of our services might be right for you.

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Still thinking about it? Not the right time? Send an email with questions or to sign up for our blog posts to learn more: